Is How You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner a Sign of How You Do Relationships?

During this holiday season, take note of how you and others arrange their food on their plate. Does aunt Shirley make sure that none of her food touches the other food? Does grandpa Joe pile his food on top of each other to where it looks like a new food group has been created? What about sister Betty, who can’t … Read More

The Emotional Side of Running a Business… riding out the highs and lows.

Do you ever feel as though your business is like a roller coaster? Do you feel like when it’s good, it’s great; and when it’s bad, well, it’s white-knuckle time? Running a business can be a daunting task. Just as in life, business naturally has an ebb and flow pattern. How you react to this pattern determines how low your … Read More

Power Lunch Women – David Magazine

Las Vegas is full of women who come from nothing. They’ve pulled themselves up by their bootstraps over and over, survived great hardships and climbed the corporate ladder thanks to their incredible drive, determination and passion. And many of them make it their purpose in life to inspire other women in this eclectic valley that we call home. If you … Read More