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Like you, author, life coach and transformational speaker and teacher Lisa Ulshafer has seen the word transformation defined numerous ways over the years. Is it psychology? Personal development? Spirituality? Is it meant only for a chosen few who are enlightened enough to understand it? Or, is there a different perspective?

With her years of transformational life coaching, speaking, teaching, and most importantly, in-the-trenches real-life experience, her view is refreshingly different. Lisa appreciates, and shares with others, that transformation is about moment-to-moment choices. It is not about you having to sit for long hours in deep meditation, always doing the right things, or being a pillar of love and light. Transformation is for everyone, every day. It’s a lifestyle, a journey filled with blessings and challenges alike.

Lisa’s ability to touch the hearts of her audience and illuminate a higher perspective in which to see their lives, allows them to receive what’s needed to move forward in their lives and achieve greater results. Her teaching and coaching skills bring out the “real” in people, so they can live authentically and with more meaning and purpose. She is known for her gentle and humorous style; Lisa’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate, intense, and individual level.

Lisa has been a speaker alongside best-selling authors, doctors, and highly sought after professionals at such events as the Health, Healing and Happiness Conference, Finding Your Balance in Vegas Event, ASPIRE Conference’s Women of Courage, and The Ultimate Women’s Expo, just to name a few. Lisa is founder of Empowered Living, providing seminars to men and women throughout her community and the country.

“Lisa is an engaging speaker with a highly interesting, educative topic. She conveys her subject with great skill and expert knowledge, while still assuring that the audience follows with ease. Lisa is very fluent and competent; she is personable and conveys trustworthiness and experience. It was a pleasure having Lisa as a speaker at Health, Healing & Happiness, and I hope she will join us again!”
~ Ina Mohan, Creator, Producer & Organizer,
Health, Healing & Happiness Conference

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    “Lisa has a very gentle yet clear and strong energy that calms and draws people in. Her ability to share concepts and truths through her story and personal experience touches hearts, impacts minds and transforms lives. “
    ~ Loralee Humphreys

    “I was literally on the edge of my seat, soaking up the information. I’m no longer a skeptic. Hearing Lisa share her journey has opened my eyes to “other-worldy” possibilities.”
    ~ Jeremy Wallace

    “Lisa is an outstanding speaker. She has a way of inviting us into a conversation with warmth and ease while enlightening us and carrying us graciously into her story. I could have listened to her for hours.”
    ~ Jani McCarty

    “I was totally submerged in Lisa’s presentation. Her book, Journey with an Angel, gives us all hope that we are all here with a purpose. I now feel that I need to find my path, find my purpose and seek what I am here to do on this earth. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me open my mind!”
    ~ Jill Branson

    “I enjoyed Lisa’s entire presentation. I was intrigued from start to finish! Lisa is such an amazing person. The message that she gives is one of inspiration and love.”
    ~ Samantha Tsui

    “Lisa’s story brought smiles, tears, and laughter to everyone in the room. She is a wonderful speaker who inspires you to be genuine and courageous.”
    ~ Rebecca Everett

    “Lisa brings energy and enthusiasm to all who have the opportunity to hear her speak. She inspires you through her stories and leaves you with a call to action. She is a great speaker!
    ~ Gregg Anderson

    “Lisa’s energy in presenting her material is incredible. She can inspire a room full of people to simply open their hearts and embrace life.”
    ~ Tracy Hartley

    “Lisa is an inspiring woman. She speaks from a place beyond anything I have ever experienced. She opened my eyes to a world worth truly living in!”
    ~ Danielle Tillman

    “Lisa’s energy is magnetic. What I found so real is when she speaks about her journey she relives it right in front of us as if it was happening again.”
    ~ Kevida Turner

    “I love Lisa’s genuineness and love for what she does, it is life-changing. If you are stuck in any aspect of your life, pick up the phone and call her, then be ready for your life to change for the better!”
    ~ Marchelle Aird

    “Lisa is warm and speaks from the heart. She is true to who she is and creates a safe and warm place to accept who I am and to never give up on me.”
    ~ Carma Stephens

    “I was inspired by her passion and her challenge to go out of my comfort zone. It gave me motivation to dig into finding my true calling.”
    ~ Kristi Kittendorf