Here's what some of my clients have achieved as a result of my coaching programs.


"The profound sense of gratitude, joy and happiness that I now experience is credited to Lisa's guidance, intuition, and expertise. I am experiencing a sense of well-being that I can't ever remember feeling before. My external life is changing;  I have better, healthier relationships, and I am more connected and HAPPY. Of course, there will always be things out of my control, but my response and my attitude towards these things has shifted immensely. With Lisa's help, I have built a powerful resiliency and confidence in my own wisdom to help me ride the waves when they come."

– Lisa Abrahime, RN, BSN, OCN

"If you feel stuck in your business, life, health, etc., or all of the above, the coaching techniques that Lisa employs can really help you get moving in the right direction again. It’s like being able to breathe, when before you were suffocating, thanks so much. Since working with Lisa (in less than 6 months), my business volume has tripled, my relationships with my wife and kids have greatly improved, and I feel great."

– Mark Williams, Owner, Enlighten Electric


“Before I found the courage to contact a life coach, I set my intentions to meet someone who was gentle, caring, understanding, wise, and spiritual. Lisa is exactly all those qualities. Right from the start we were targeting my deep issues that I had buried away but knew needed to come to light in order for me to really start loving who I am and live a life with love and light. I got to a point in my life where I knew it's wasn't supposed to be this hard and at times felt like I was in quicksand. Working with Lisa, I've learned so much about who I really am and to embrace me. With her guidance, I really began to become aware of my patterns, my limiting beliefs and really process my fears. I so appreciate the clarity Lisa brings and the tools she provides so that I can continue empowering myself outside of our sessions. She's helped me and supported me through my challenging times with family relationships, romantic relationships, and career. She has truly helped me connect with my feelings, something I had great difficulty with before I met her. If anything I have written resonates with you, please take that courageous step that I once did and contact her. That very act can be the first step in your own transformation!”

– Candice Park, Program Manager

"I met Lisa in 2010, and since then she has become a huge part of my life. She has helped me tremendously in my personal and business life. If I had to narrow it down, the one thing that she really helped me with is living an authentic and transparent life. Being true to myself and to others has been one of the most liberating feelings of all. She taught me that the only way to achieve true happiness and inner peace is to be comfortable in my own skin and to express myself the way that I am. I no longer feel like I have to pretend to be someone that I am not. I now realize how important it is to stop and to reflect on what it is I am doing and where I am going and not let the “busy-ness” of life take over my purpose for living.

She has also helped my younger brother when he was going through some tough times and I’ve referred her to many of my friends and patients. To achieve total health is to have a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. I take care of the body, she takes care of the mind. Together we make a great team. My family, friends, and patients all adore her. She is gentle and kind. She doesn’t judge you for who you are. Being with her is not intimidating and she knows what she is doing. She is so much more than a life coach."

– Dr. Julie Quan, Chiropractor, Quan Chiropractic

“Lisa provides tremendous information that made me rediscover myself, my true self. What at first was a little overwhelming soon became a lifestyle to take the time to identify or recognize emotions, patterns, needs, values… within myself. Lisa helped me see and acknowledge the full half of the glass more and bring joy into my life and the others around me. Overall a life-changing experience that I call my “transformational journey”. Thank you Lisa for every piece of your heart you invested in this journey.”

– Mira Ene, Business Owner and Mother

"Since working with Lisa, I have honestly opened to a new world. I can’t even describe it accurately but since meeting Lisa I have grown immensely in business as well as have found new relationships with others that are more in line with my personal desires and goals. I believe that practicing this material and these ideas is the only way to master them which is why I keep coming back."

– McKenzi Taylor, Photographer, Taylored Photo Memories

"I am not sure where I would be today if I hadn't met Lisa. I had a lot of negative feelings that I manifested in my life and am so very grateful to have your guidance to see the positive and the path to get out of the funk I was in. My family and I thank you for everything."

– Lars Bjorklund, Owner, Predator Signs & Graphics

"Since working with Lisa I feel that this experience we call life has become much more enriching and authentic. I am so grateful for now having the tools to work with my emotional pain when it becomes activated. I’ve also made contact with my soul’s purpose and have been able to let go of situations and relationships that were toxic and no longer serving me. My overall well-being has increased and I have been gaining the courage to step into my power and feel the worthiness of all the amazing things that I so rightfully deserve. This is a choice, and it’s the most important choice I’ve ever made. Life still flows but now I’m learning to flow with it instead of against it. I am forever grateful."

– Erica Dilanjian, Singer-Songwriter

"Lisa’s program keeps the conversation alive regarding self-understanding and personal transformation. It had been a pattern for me to hide myself behind the giving and the ultimate expectations. Lisa’s work is a true gift in my life. It also shows me what I have resolved and what’s still in there. I approach life with more ease. By letting go (in stages) it’s allowing my family to take responsibility for their own journey in life. The value of your work is beyond measure."

– Darlene Karn, Business Owner

"The greatest value I received from attending Lisa’s program was being in a group with people going through the same things or that I have a connection with. Being able to connect/relate to so many things Lisa says, even being 15 years old. I can relate a lot of things in this program to things in my life and it helps me understand situations and so many more things a lot more. It has been one of the most beneficial things in my life so far. I really recommend this program no matter what age!"

– Alexis Karn, Student

"I didn’t realize how much junk I had standing in my way before continuing with new business ventures. Lisa helped me identify my fears and limitations and I am now able to laser focus on the lifestyle and business goals that are the most important to me and my family.

Lisa’s transformational process works, and I would highly recommend her to any one who feels they are stagnant, lost or out of control in their life regarding anything. Lisa is an excellent life coach, and because of it I will continue to achieve the things that I want the most. Thank you Lisa for your guidance and inspiration."

– Jarrett DeCorte, Consciouspreneur,
Throw the Ball Media

"I have absolutely loved Lisa's Program! It is so eye-opening and a wonderful way to bring awareness into otherwise dark places in my life that I felt powerless to change! But with awareness comes choice and choice is the only that brings change! This has been life-changing! Thank you Lisa."

– Marchelle Aird, Mother

"I have 100% enjoyed my experience with Lisa’s program. It has significantly changed my life and have brought in a lot of positive energy. Understanding is one of the biggest and most significant things I have received which has helped me to have more direction in moving forward. Lisa has helped me to improve my relationships and to answer many life questions that I couldn’t figure out in the past which made me feel stuck and frustrated. I now have the tools to really work on my issues with myself and others. I found sense in unresolved problems and I am now working hard on resolving them, knowing that although it may not be easy, I can do it. I wish everybody would participate in Lisa's program, for it would make everybody’s life certainly more enjoyable."

– Marine Goujon, Singer-Songwriter

"Lisa’s program transformed and shifted my life to new perceptions I never thought possible. My company’s revenue went up 45% after coaching with her, and I was more positive, self accepting, and empowered. Lisa focused on the root causes of why I was limited and I realized everything comes from my own thoughts of self-worth. Coaching with Lisa helped clear so many of these wrong perceptions.

There is one thing that money cannot buy, and that is complete peace and knowledge of well-being. When I coached with Lisa, I found an individual who truly cared about my life’s destination and someone passionate about the direction of humanity as a whole. Counseling and coaching aside, I have met very few people with a heart as big as Lisa; not only did she become my guide, her friendship is very dear and cannot be replaced.

If anyone ever needed someone to be on the sidelines, helping them get up when they’re down and under, I would highly recommend Lisa Ulshafer."

– Tom Ray, Office Manager

"The information from this program is priceless and life-changing. Learning how to have 90 minutes of focus on one goal and taking it in “bite size pieces” rather than taking everything all at once was really valuable to me. In fact, everything that Lisa has taught is all very valuable. Taking this program has definitely made a difference in my life and how it is shifting in a different direction. I no longer wake up dreading the day but looking forward to the day."

– G Alejandro, Owner, Frank and Beanz Doggie Apparel


"I've been working with Lisa for a couple years now. Going to her seminars, workshops and one-on-one individual and couples coaching. She taught me a lot that continues to serve and resonate with me like learning better ways to discover and practice what's in alignment with me and clearing negative energy. She is also great at teaching the games we play in relationships and I look forward to more events centered around this. I would, and have, recommended Lisa to friends and acquaintances. Her gentle nature puts me at ease quickly. I look forward to more lessons on our journey together."

– Christina Parmalee, Freelance Copywriter

"For most of my life I’ve suffered from chronic anxiety which is a negative way of thinking and is fear driven… it was really coaching and this process that really helped me to understand that the fear isn’t going to hurt me, it’s not going to destroy me, it’s not going to do anything and it’s okay for me to step into it. A lot of these fears that I’ve had, I’ve been able to use this process to really step into them and have the trust that I’m going to come out okay on the other end… The guidance, the clarity and the objectivity is priceless, you can’t put a price tag on that!"

– TJ Beatty, Entrepreneur

"I’ve never experienced such a healthy growth spurt in my 41 years of dealing with hidden hurts. Coaching with Lisa has helped me to maintain the journey of self-healing. I would advise anyone who hasn’t figured out how to release the negative energy that controls their happiness to consider coaching or learning the tools of how to heal and find inner peace."

– Kymberly Ramirez, Consultant


"Since coaching with Lisa, my life has changed dramatically as a result of me looking at myself and changing ME. I have discovered things about myself and patterns of behavior that I had absolutely NO idea I was carrying. She has helped me clear those patterns and let go of the negativity, and my life has gradually gotten happier and easier. Things have started flowing for me in ways that I never imagined, and I’m finally starting to feel the personal freedom I’ve always longed for but didn’t know how to get because I was in my OWN way! My relationships have been transformed, my career has opened up, and most importantly, I know that now I have the tools to be happy no matter what happens in my life."

– Janell Simonson, Entertainer/Producer