Where do you want to be?

Steven Covey was one of the most influential leaders of our time and author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The 2nd habit is, “Begin with the end in mind.” Imagine being at the end of your life, where do you want to be? What do you want to see as you reflect back on your life?

What if…

… you feel you’ve done it, you accomplished what you came here to do?
… you’re resolved with every relationship in your life, forgiveness had replaced bitterness, and you had loved and been loved deeply?
… you look back with the satisfaction that your life had been a full and rich experience?

What if… today you start living your life on purpose; by design, not default?

Are you done battling with the challenges of…

…self-judgment and self-inflicted punishment that continually feeds the program of not being enough?
…holding back from expressing who you are or what you really want to say for fear of being judged or hurting someone’s feelings?
…losing sight of your dreams because you’re running around taking care of everyone else’s needs out of guilt and obligation?
…repeating self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck from achieving all that you want in your life?

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My vision is to bring about impactful change of profound transformation that ripples throughout our world and future generations. As courageous individuals like you experience deep transformation and overcome personal challenges, your greater purpose is realized and you make your mark upon the world. I believe we are in an evolutionary cycle of spiritual revolution.

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