Life Coaching Lisa Ulshafer

Working with me is a bit like hiring a life detective.

First, I help you to identify those obstacles that keep you stuck and blocked from moving forward in your life. They are rarely what you think they are! For instance, procrastination isn't JUST about avoidance, it's just the symptom or the CLUE that leads you to the real problem. There could be multitudes of underlying root causes to why you are procrastinating.

Second, I help you get to the REAL problem: the cause - what's at the root of your blocks. Interestingly enough, as I help you to lift the judgment off your problem, and yourself for even having the problem, you can now see it more objectively. Judgement is just one of the outer blocks that keeps the problem entrenched in your life. I help you to drill down through the layers of blocks so we can ultimately reach the truth of what is causing your angst.

Third, now that the REAL problem is revealed, I help you to SOLVE the problem with REAL solutions. If you think about how you've gone about solving your problems in the past, my guess is, you've been more outer-directed. In other words, trying to change things in your outside world. In the example of procrastination, you may have taken time-management classes or have downloaded the latest app to solve your procrastination problem, just to find you put that off too. I help you get to the real solution which is found within you!

And lastly, I help you to implement those solutions so that you can live an empowered life.

Let's work together to create a LIFE you love.

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If your greatest desire is to live a deep and meaningful life that's filled with love and purpose, then you are a changemaker. You change the world when you change yourself. If you have gotten caught up in an automatic, mundane lifestyle, then it's time to transform your life.