If you find yourself in hell, keep walking. Don’t stop and build a campfire!

Life is full of challenges and often those challenges can come from the most intimate relationships in our life called family. When those relationships have become so dysfunctional that it feels like you are living in a deep forest of hellish-like experiences, you keep walking. You don’t stop and build a campfire.  My client Laura came from a family that … Read More

Why Creating Healthy Boundaries is so Challenging

Why Creating Healthy Boundaries is so Challenging

Clear boundaries lead to healthy relationships and greater emotional well-being. Clear boundaries allow the relationships that are important in your life to grow and flourish while allowing those that would be better to let go of, graciously leave. Here are some examples of what clear and healthy boundaries look like in a relationship: Each feels like they are their own … Read More

Becoming a Spirit-Driven Entrepreneur

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, personal transformation has been illuminated as a key element for over a century with the works of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Earl Nightingale, just to name a few. Our understanding of these transformational principles has continued to grow; enriching our lives and creating depth of purpose in business and in life. … Read More

The Freedom of Forgiveness

In life you have many teachers that are part of your journey. Some you will recognize and welcome, and some you will adamantly reject seeing them as your teacher because they have caused you pain in some way. Those who fall into that category are not aware that they are your teacher. They are most likely just acting from their … Read More

The Magic of Divine Flow

Amazing stuff happens when you’re living in divine flow. I’ve experienced being both in and out of divine flow and it can be absolutely magical when you’re in it. In fact, it was pouring through my life while writing my book, Journey with an Angel. So much so that much of the book became about what was happening while writing … Read More

Loving the Inner Child

People are looking to experience more love, joy, and peace in their lives; however, some key pieces of information need to be understood to achieve this. Everything in life is made up of energy, including thoughts and emotions; therefore, it’s important to understand that all energy vibrates at different levels. Negative emotions such as guilt, sadness, fear and anger, vibrate at … Read More

Is How You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner a Sign of How You Do Relationships?

During this holiday season, take note of how you and others arrange their food on their plate. Does aunt Shirley make sure that none of her food touches the other food? Does grandpa Joe pile his food on top of each other to where it looks like a new food group has been created? What about sister Betty, who can’t … Read More

The Emotional Side of Running a Business… riding out the highs and lows.

Do you ever feel as though your business is like a roller coaster? Do you feel like when it’s good, it’s great; and when it’s bad, well, it’s white-knuckle time? Running a business can be a daunting task. Just as in life, business naturally has an ebb and flow pattern. How you react to this pattern determines how low your … Read More

Power Lunch Women – David Magazine

Las Vegas is full of women who come from nothing. They’ve pulled themselves up by their bootstraps over and over, survived great hardships and climbed the corporate ladder thanks to their incredible drive, determination and passion. And many of them make it their purpose in life to inspire other women in this eclectic valley that we call home. If you … Read More