Life Coaching Lisa Ulshafer

Hi, I'm Lisa

As an empowerment life coach and author, I help individuals like you work through the challenges you are experiencing, whether it's current life events or challenges that have existed throughout your entire life. 

If you struggle with emotional sensitivity, low self-worth, perfectionism, self-criticism, and worry, then synchronicity has played its part to bring you here at this time. I offer a variety of coaching programs that are designed to help you break free from the emotional weight, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and empower you to live the life you truly want.

I understand that these struggles are often accompanied by those who are also caring, compassionate, dependable, respectful, and loyal individuals. These qualities are a testament to your innate greatness and a source of strength that we will tap into to help you unlock your true potential. I believe that with the right guidance, tools, and support, you can overcome any obstacle so you can move into alignment with your best self and life. 

Private Coaching

Reach new heights through empowerment coaching. My coaching approach is tailored to your unique needs and challenges. I will work with you to identify your values, strengths, and goals, and help you develop a personalized action plan to achieve them. I will also teach you techniques for building resilience, increasing self-awareness, and improving your communication skills, so that you can build stronger relationships with others.

You will learn to trust yourself, believe in your abilities, and embrace your unique qualities. You will also learn to manage your emotions in a healthy and constructive way, so that you can lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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Life Coaching Lisa Ulshafer

“If you feel stuck in your business, life, health, etc., or all of the above, the coaching techniques that Lisa employs can really help you get moving in the right direction again. Since working with Lisa (in less than 6 months), my business volume has tripled, my relationships with my wife and kids have greatly improved, and I feel great.”

Mark Williams
Mark WilliamsBusiness Owner

“I have absolutely loved Lisa’s Program! It is so eye-opening and a wonderful way to bring awareness into otherwise dark places in my life that I felt powerless to change! But with awareness comes choice and choice is the only thing that brings change! This has been life-changing! Thank you Lisa.”

Marchelle AirdMother

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Let's Be Real Podcast

Genuine Conversations for Authentic Living
Sondra Pariser, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, and myself have teamed up to create the Let's Be Real Podcast. Our vision is to create a movement where you can boldly embrace your true self, build authentic connections, lead a more purposeful and harmonious life while learning the tools to navigate all the complexities of today's fast changing world. We hope you enjoy and gain many insights along the journey with us!

All Episodes available on YouTube

Also available on the following platforms:

Online Program

Roadmap to Self-Empowerment

Set free who you're destined to be and get on course to an empowered life with this powerful online program! The Roadmap to Self-Empowerment program includes 6 power-packed modules delivered by video and downloadable audios in your secure members area. They’re designed to ramp up your journey for rapid transformation by implementing key knowledge and new life skills as soon as you possibly can, with continued support along the way.

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Roadmap to Self-Empowerment

“Working with Lisa and her Roadmap to Self-Empowerment program enables you to get clear on what is really holding you back from reaching your goals. She helps you peel back your emotional layers which enables a tremendous amount of self-discovery. She also provides the insight and tools to live the life you truly desire.”

Karen Caprino
Karen CaprinoEntrepreneur
“What a powerful course! The inner child really is the key to our happiness, isn't it? New understanding and insights of the inner parent and inner child relationship are worth the price of the whole course. I loved this Lisa! As always seems to happen, we get what we need when we're willing to receive it. I got exactly what I needed!”
Kristy Jarrett
Kristy JarrettLife Coach

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Color Code Personality Test
Personality Assessment

Color Code Personality Science

Color Code personality science provides you with a framework to better understand yourself and those around you. By identifying your own Color Code and the colors of those you interact with, you can learn to adapt your communication and behavior in a way that is more effective and productive. Additionally, understanding the Color Codes of others can help you to appreciate and value differences, leading to more positive and fulfilling relationships.

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By attending Lisa’s workshop, I gained a lot more compassion for the other personality types. This makes it easier in allowing others to be who they are and make them feel free to be honest and open with me. It also gave me the motivation to work on my limitations to get back on track to moving forward with my life.

David Armstrong
David ArmstrongSpiritual Healer & Author

“Lisa's presentation of the Color Code made it easy to gain the understanding of how to identify and interact with each of the personality types. I also realized that I have been stuck in a rut by not focusing on my core needs and wants. I now know what I need to do in order to achieve happiness within myself.”

Meg Edmonson
Meg EdmonsonArtist


Journey with an Angel

Engage in self-discovery that leads to spirit-discovery and the integration of divine influences that connect us all.

Do Angels Really Live Among Us? Do They Intercede for Us? If you’ve ever asked these questions, then this book may have the answers you’ve been seeking and more. Lisa shares transformational teachings she has learned and experienced along her journey.

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Journey with an Angel Book

“I just finished Journey with an Angel, and wow! I laughed, I cried, and I was truly moved throughout. The journey and information Lisa shares is enlightening and dynamic. It is propelling me to a whole new level of consciousness and vitality. She has opened my mind, my heart, and my spirit!”

Alex Bratty
Alex Bratty, MBA, PhDResearch Strategist

“I was totally submerged in Lisa’s presentation. Her book, Journey with an Angel, gives us all hope that we are all here with a purpose. I now feel that I need to find my path, find my purpose and seek what I am here to do on this earth. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me open my mind!”

Jill Branson
Jill BransonNetworking Consultant


Journey of Remembrance

A transformational meditation with your guardian angel. Experience a unique kind of meditation that speaks to you in a very personal way - bringing you and your guardian angel together to assist you in your life journey.

This is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy!

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