Loving the Inner Child

People are looking to experience more love, joy, and peace in their lives; however, some key pieces of information need to be understood to achieve this. Everything in life is made up of energy, including thoughts and emotions; therefore, it’s important to understand that all energy vibrates at different levels. Negative emotions such as guilt, sadness, fear and anger, vibrate at lower levels, while positive emotions such as love, joy and peace, vibrate at higher levels.

A significant step in raising your vibration so you can experience these higher vibrational emotions, is to educate yourself about an aspect of you called the  inner child.

We all have an inner child, the part of us that can be spontaneous and fun, while at times, feel wounded and neglected. It is the part of us that hangs on to all the unresolved issues from childhood. Those unresolved issues are brought forward into our adult life and continue to grow in intensity if not addressed.

When you are working with your lower vibrational emotions, you are mostly working with your inner child. One way to work with these emotions is to relate to your feelings as if they were a child. How you react or respond to your feelings has the same effect on you as it would have on a child. For example, if a child were standing in front of you feeling bad because he or she made a mistake, and you responded to that child with harsh criticism, ridicule, and judgment, what effect would that have? Would the child learn from his or her mistakes and understand that making mistakes is how you learn. Or might the child learn that making mistakes is bad so he or she is too? How often have you beaten yourself up for making mistakes? Does that make you feel more secure or more insecure? My guess is—more insecure. What if that child is afraid and you respond by overreacting and running away? Does that child become more or less afraid? More, and so do you when you overreact, avoid, or run away from your fears.

If you want something different, you must do something different. Next time you feel upset or afraid, visualize yourself as a child standing in front of you feeling what you feel. Be with your child as you relax into your upset feelings. Engage in a dialogue and be there for him or her. Acknowledge this part of you, and in turn, give it what it really needs from you: reassurance, love, trust, understanding, or whatever would be beneficial in that moment.

As you nurture your inner child and release your trapped emotions, you naturally rise into a higher vibrational emotion. For example, think of a hot air balloon with tiny weights attached to it that keep it on the ground. Each time a weight is removed, the balloon lifts a little higher, until it eventually soars. We are all meant to soar, and as you remove the lower vibrational emotions that are weighing you down, you too can soar, right along with the angels.

Can you start showing your inner child love, understanding, reassurance and affection right now? Your inner child deserves it and so do you!