Is How You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner a Sign of How You Do Relationships?

During this holiday season, take note of how you and others arrange their food on their plate.

Does aunt Shirley make sure that none of her food touches the other food?

Does grandpa Joe pile his food on top of each other to where it looks like a new food group has been created?

What about sister Betty, who can’t fit another drop of gravy on her plate as it will surely overflow on to the nicely set table?

And there’s dear sweet Sarah, her perfectly portioned servings nestled gently next to each other, the flavors creating a savory flavor sensation as the sweet potatoes nicely complement the juicy slice of turkey to it’s side.

When it comes to relationships and boundaries, which describes you?

Are you like aunt Shirley? Do you have too rigid of boundaries? Do you keep people separate from you, even isolating yourself from getting too close to those in your life as a way to play it safe?

Are you like grandpa Joe, with very little or no boundaries? Do you take on the responsibility of everyone around you? Do you have a hard time speaking up for yourself, therefore you allow people to encroach upon your boundaries who might even take advantage of your naturally giving ways?

Are you like sister Betty, whose inability to say no and trying to put too much on her “plate” leads to feelings of stress, overwhelm and heaviness?

The goal is to be like Sarah, to be connected to those in your life you care about while not losing yourself in them. To have the relationships in your life complement each other without overpowering you or them.

Healthy boundaries lead to healthy relationships. Healthy boundaries keep the relationships that are beneficial in your life to grow and stay intact, where the relationships that would be better serving to let go of, graciously leave.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Bon Appetit!