What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching assists you in identifying those areas in your life that you would like to change (ie. unhealthy relationships, living paycheck to paycheck, recurring stress, sabotaging your business and/or success, feeling stuck and blocked from moving forward in your life, etc.).

Once we determine those areas that you would like to change, we now begin the process of creating the life you truly want through…

Realizing your greatest potential and discovering the power within

  • Tap into your truth and higher knowledge.
  • Understand what authenticity is and what it means to live life from your true seat of power.
  • Clear the blocks that keep you from moving forward and reaching your goals in your personal and professional life.
  • Move into alignment with your true self. Put into practice a powerful 5-step goal setting process that’s sure to move you toward success.

Letting go of self-sabotaging patterns

  • Get to the root of what keeps you stuck, whether it be with your relationships, finances, your business or career.
  • Learn your lessons so you don’t have to keep repeating them.
  • Change the way you see your life by gaining a higher perspective on your past experiences and current situations.
  • Learn a system which releases the negative thoughts and feelings that are creating these patterns.
  • Learn how to use failures and mistakes to your advantage.

Creating Healthy & Fulfilling Relationships

  • Let go of the codependent games that have been dramatically limiting the amount of joy, fulfillment and connection you experience in your relationships, friendships and partnerships.
  • Learn the keys to healthy communication through speaking your truth and listening from your heart.
  • Discover the 7 steps to creating a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.
  • Utilize relationships for personal growth & self-realization.

Gaining a deeper understanding of higher ground principles

  • Understand and utilize the Law of Attraction while raising your vibration to attract in what you truly desire in your personal and professional life.
  • Embrace the Law of Process and experience how steadiness and persistence brings you the greatest results.
  • Understand and utilize the Law of Reflection so you can see your results as gauges to the instrument panel of your life.
  • Embrace the Law of Change while letting go of resistance and fear.

Creating peace and balance in your life

  • Learn the importance of prioritizing your life.
  • Let go of procrastination and other behaviors that keep you out of balance and keep you in a state of stress in your life.
  • Learn how to relax and quiet your mind.
  • Have more control in your life… and this one may surprise you!!

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Within

  • Understand what your true essence really is and the significance of you leading your life with it at this time.
  • Women – how you can find your true strength and joy when embracing your feminine side.
  • Men – how you can find your true strength and fulfillment when embracing your masculine side.
  • Improve all aspects of your life as the divine masculine and feminine begin to unify within you.

Understanding and repairing the relationship with your inner child

  • See how the relationship with your inner child is reflected in the relationship with your own children.
  • Raise your inner child with love while creating healthy structure in your parenting style.
  • Receive all the wonderful gifts your inner child has to offer like fun, spontaneity and creativity.
  • Heal your relationship with the child forgotten.

…and at the heart of the Life Coaching experience is the I.C.A.R.E. APPROACH

Once you learn and implement this life-changing system into your daily living you can…

  • Release the negative emotions that have been trapped within you.
  • Heal the relationship with your inner child.
  • Truly let go of old negative attitudes and limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your life.
  • Shift your perspectives to be more empowering.
  • Transform heavier, denser negative energies like fear, shame insecurity, sadness, guilt and anger, into a higher vibration such as joy, appreciation, love, passion, enthusiasm, peace, balance and freedom.

What does Life Coaching involve from me?

First and foremost, a true desire for change in your life and the willingness to take that first step! After that it is your commitment, pure and simple. Life coaching is an investment in your life, all aspects of your life, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Nothing could be more important than how you live your life and taking responsibility for what you are contributing to your family and your world!

How do I get started?

Call 702-254-7730 or schedule a Breakthrough Session to establish what you would like to achieve through the coaching experience. Once you determine that Life Coaching is right for you, we’ll determine which coaching program is right for you. We can work together in person or via phone or skype so you can be anywhere in the world and I’m only a phone call away!

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