Book Review of Journey with an Angel

Journey with an Angel offers a fascinating look at the topic of angels in general, but with a lot of new information from some surprising sources, and with the biggest shock of all being that angels not only are real but they are living here among us.

Author Lisa Ulshafer shares her amazing story of how she found out she is an incarnated angel. Six years following this discovery, she met author David Armstrong, himself a clairvoyant with spirit guides, who confirmed this reality for her. With some assistance from Armstrong, Ulshafer has written this book to share the information she has learned about the roles of angels in our lives and the greater picture of human existence and reincarnation, including sharing the names of some well-known incarnated angels among us.

While I know some readers will be skeptical about this information, I truly believe the universe is full of mysteries, and the explanations Ulshafer provides about angels are more thorough than I have read anywhere else. Some of the best information she provides includes how to look for signs that the angels are interacting with us and how to ask for their guidance. One sign for Ulshafer that she is on the right path in her pursuits, including writing this book, is when she sees combinations of the number 227 throughout her day. To give proof to her statement of the constant appearance of this number in her life, she has provided numerous photos of when she has seen it appear on clocks, receipts, and license plates. These photographs provide reassurance that angels are guiding and watching over us. The significance of this number and others we might recognize as signs from the angels are detailed in a section on numerology in the book.

Another aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the discussion on reincarnation, in which I have long believed. I also appreciated the examples of how our intuition also guides us. Ulshafer provides examples of her own experiences when intuition has led her to revelations in her life, as well as examples from others of how their intuition has protected them from danger.

But most importantly, Ulshafer sets the record straight about many misconceptions people have regarding angels. One misconception she clarifies that I especially found interesting was the following statement:

Misconception: Fallen angels are angels who have fallen out of the grace of God because they encouraged people to sin. These fallen angels were believed to cause war and disaster upon the Earth.

Clarification: There are no fallen angels. They are all loving beings. We humanized them just as we humanized God because that’s what humans do in order to make sense of that which we don’t fully understand.

I firmly believe there is much we do not understand about the afterlife and the spirit world that we cannot see, but I have always felt that the universe is basically good and the evil we have been taught about in various religions actually stems from human fear rather than supernatural forces, so I was glad to find that Ulshafer shared my belief in this area. There were many other statements of a similar nature throughout the book that resonated with me.

Perhaps the most fun part of the book was reading about the famous and historical people who Ulshafer states are also incarnated angels—some of them still living among us. I will only mention a few of these names so that I don’t spoil the readers’ fun, but I was not surprised to hear that Abraham Lincoln was one of them. I was a lot more surprised to learn that many popular musicians, including Michael Jackson, have been incarnated angels. When I read that, I realized I was being judgmental since Michael Jackson always seemed a bit weird to me, but no one can doubt how he brought joy to millions of people or how he used his fame for many humanitarian purposes. Finally, I was very interested in the statement that Mikhail Gorbachev is an incarnated angel. He came to power only for a brief time, but he brought about the end of the Soviet Union during that time—a remarkable feat from an unexpected source that makes me feel there had to be some divine inspiration behind it. Ulshafer mentions many other famous humans who became incarnated angels before she concludes the subject.

As I said, some people will be skeptical, but I invite everyone to read Journey with an Angel with an open mind to see whether Ulshafer’s words stir their hearts. The biggest message in this book is that our lives have purpose, and when we listen to our intuition, we can remember who we are and find that purpose. I think any reader willing to listen will be surprised by the results. Most of our skepticism is based in fear more than logic anyway.

Ulshafer invites us to embark on the hero’s journey to find and fulfill our purposes in life. She concludes the book by offering us tools to help raise our vibrational energy so we are up for the challenge. I, for one, feel much better knowing that we live in a benevolent universe where angels are watching out for us when we do embark on such a journey, but if you choose not to, there’s always your next incarnation….

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