Praise for Journey with an Angel

“I just finished Journey with an Angel, and wow! I laughed, I cried, and I was truly moved throughout. The journey and information Lisa shares is enlightening and dynamic.  It is propelling me to a whole new level of consciousness and vitality.  She has opened my mind, my heart, and my spirit!”
— Alex Bratty

“I received Journey with an Angel at the end of February after I ordered it at the Women’s expo in Phoenix last October. I can’t say I’ve ever read anything like it before and the information regarding the different realms of angels, different dimensions, and all the different angels names, etc. was something way beyond anything I have thought about before. I can say I can’t stop reading it. There was something that touched me from the moment I opened the package and pulled out the book. Holding it in my hands I felt a warm feeling, like it belonged there. Once I opened it and read the personal message inside, I immediately felt chills go throughout my body. The message Lisa wrote inside couldn’t have been more personal if I had told her what to write. I’m not finished with it yet but will be in another day or two. I plan to reread it and work on the questions she proposes for us to think about. While I haven’t been able to see the signs of the angels around me yet, I now believe they are there.”
— Faye Zamudio

“Being an author on Destiny myself, I believe the way in which Lisa exemplifies how we can realize our destiny is remarkable. Lisa presented in a very simple and unique way what would otherwise be challenging concepts to understand. This book is truly inspiring and can move you to greater heights in realizing your destiny!”
— Patrick Snow, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur

“What a compelling story. I was hooked from the introduction and couldn’t put it down until I was through the conclusion. I laughed and cried and sat through many moments where the insights and ahas just kept coming.”
— Adam Rosenlund, Author of How to Get It

“Want to learn how to work with angels? Start here.”
— David Armstrong,  Author of Messages from the Spirit World

“I loved your story. I acknowledge you for your courage and bravery to come out of the ‘Angelic’ closet and declare your Light. You are pioneering the path for other Earth Angels such as yourself and giving them the much needed permission to be true to themselves.”
— Alice Cablyan, Co-Author of Thank God I Am an Empowered Woman

“This book brings real heart and truth to people, showing them an alternative way to approach their lives and their destinies.”
— Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth

“I was fascinated by Lisa’s book since I had my own experience with angels during the war. I always prayed for protection and was the only one in my training group who survived. This book just confirmed for me the power that angels can have in our lives.”
— Terry Gargus, M.S., Author of Reinventing My Life

“I have been a fan of Joseph Campbell for years now. I love how the author created a real life story that followed Campbell’s formula for the Hero’s Journey that I could follow and relate to. To be able to recognize the same formula in my life was invaluable and gave me real direction to stay on the path.”
— Tracy Maxwell, Author of Being Single with Cancer

“This book will open your eyes and heart to seeing life from a much higher and broader perspective. I’ve always been open-minded, which has always served me in receiving information that comes from truth. This book is no exception.”
— Brett Dupree, Author of Joyous Expansion

“What I love about this book is that it covers some very esoteric information but is conveyed in a very grounded and easy to understand way.”
— Leann Weaver, Author of House of Hope

“I’m so happy to see that angels are given their due recognition in the importance they play in our daily lives. I grew up with angels in my life but know many who think I’m a little whacky for even talking about them. I think we all need to become more aware and embrace the existence of angels in our lives.”
— H.C. Raymond, Author of Embracing Change from the Inside Out

“I love how this book combines a real life story with spiritual principles, transformation, and strong connections to the spiritual world. It really helps me to bring it all together to have a meaningful understanding that I can apply in my life.”
— Moriah Vestor, Author of Pleasures and Ponderings

“I’ve experienced many synchronicities over the years; it feels good to be able to make sense of them and to know that I truly am blessed with the presence of the angels.”
— Sam Matthews, Author of Purple Heart Ladders and Lies

“I have heard so many conflicting ideas when it comes to our existence that this information is a breath of fresh air and just makes good practical sense for such a vast subject.”
— Geralyn Peterson, Author of Gandhi Got Mad

“The explanations Ulshafer provides about angels are more thorough than I have read anywhere else. Some of the best information she provides includes how to look for signs that the angels are interacting with us and how to ask for their guidance.”
— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., Award-Winning Author of Spirit of the North: A Paranormal Romance

“Finally, a book that makes sense when it comes to explaining our universe and our role in the big picture.”
— Dr. Dawn Hunter, Author of Ninja Beauty

“If you love angels, this book is a must have. I’ve never seen such indepth information on angels and how they fit into our humanity and the overall existence of life.”
— Teri Citterman, Author of From the CEO’s Perspective

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