How would you like to identify and clear the biggest blocks that have been stopping you from being where you thought you’d be by now and having the business you actually dreamed of…

Absolutely for Free?

Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second:

My client Mark TRIPLED his business volume in less than 6 months and reconnected on a whole new level with his wife and children after months of feeling stuck and blocked by something he couldn’t pinpoint on his own.

My client Sondra saw her life and business flourish after overcoming her struggle of rebuilding her Melaleuca business from ground zero for the 3rd time. She SHOT UP 18 positions from Director III to Executive Director III status in just 2 years and has become a great inspiration to those who have followed her growth, sharing her message of, “Never give up – if I can achieve my dreams, so can you!”

My client Christina RELEASED life-long fears within one coaching session that have never returned. She cleared her scarcity mindset, realized her true worth, grew her business as she traveled all around the world, and has become a loved and respected leader in her community.

And the list goes on and on. I’ve spent the majority of my 12 years in transformational coaching, working with entrepreneurs just like you. The only question you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to make 2018 the year I set free the entrepreneur I’m destined to be?

If the answer is YES, I would love to help you get these kinds of results.

Here’s how it works…

Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These 3 Things…

You know you are operating at a fraction of your potential, but your self-doubt and inner critic continues to keep you playing small and insignificant.

Or, you want to feel confident in your unique contribution to those you serve, but you compare yourself to others as you feel inadequate and pressured to always do more.

Or, you want to ride the sweet flow of momentum doing what you love, but you get mired down in obstacles and paralyzed with overwhelm.

Which of these sounds more like you?

The good news is that whichever it is,
I can help you clear the blocks to create the business and life you want.

Consider This:

These are the kinds of results I get for my clients every single day. If I can do it for them, I can do it for you.

But first I need to be really honest with you.

The issues I mentioned above, aren’t the real problem. 

Because while feeling out of control, off-track or inadequate are all unpleasant… they’re all really just symptoms of something else. 

You see, 99% of the self-help world is geared up to push the “just think positive” message and have you writing affirmations and intentions on fresh new journals in the hope that this year, everything changes. 

But here’s the thing… none of it will stick if you don’t first understand what’s really going on under the surface that holds your patterns in place. 

If you think of it like a plentiful fruit tree, you can’t change the fruits if you don’t address the roots.

And that’s where I come in.

Here’s what to expect in your Breakthrough Session.

First, we’ll take a look at what’s going on, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, we’ll dive into the key areas that will provide the biggest growth for you and your business.

For example, we might uncover what you really want to be doing in life but aren’t, because you’re not sure you “can” or “should”.

Perhaps we’ll talk about your clients or team and see that what’s happening on the outside is a giant mirror for what’s going on inside you.

Maybe we’ll end up talking about the brick wall of resistance you’ve been feeling of late and discover what lies on the other side is… your true purpose.

Now wouldn’t that be something?

And like I said, there’s no charge for this.


But here’s the thing, this isn’t for Everybody.

I’m VERY selective about who I work with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

  1. You need to be open and receptive to direction and seeing your business and life from a whole new perspective. 

This offer is for people who are willing to go deep so that lasting change can be made at a core level. If you can do that and you are ready to embrace change… let’s do this.

But, if you’re going to do this your way, even if it mean crashing and burning, or you’re more committed to hanging on to your fears than realizing your dreams, then no offense, but this is NOT for you.

  1. You MUST be an action-taker who steps up by being personally responsible for following through on direction and doing the work. 

If you’re not willing to honestly look at you, or you sign up for programs and not follow through, this is NOT for you.

Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to me. Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about RESULTS.

That’s it – if you meet BOTH of these requirements, we’re good.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:

If you meet the previous criteria and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible results in your life, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

Take the first step by applying for your FREE Breakthrough Session today where in 45-60 minutes, I’ll help you get TOTAL clarity over what you want your business to look like and what is REALLY holding you back so you can take the EXACT steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Once your application is submitted, I will personally review it to first make sure we’re a fit. If so, I will contact you to schedule your free breakthrough session.

Please note – these sessions are by application due to high demand and are exclusively available for those who are serious about empowering themselves NOW to create a business and life they love, not the curious.

Click here to apply!

That’s it! The initial session will go 45-60 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have EVER spent working on YOU and your BUSINESS.