How many times have you found yourself saying, “If I had only known then what I know now.”

How would your life be different?

  • Would you have a fulfilling and harmonious marriage instead of a painful divorce?
  • Would you have a strong bond with your child instead of an estranged one?
  • Would you have a friendship for life instead of the loss of someone you deeply cared about?
  • Would you be working at your full potential and getting paid what you're worth instead of getting fired?
  • Would you be surrounded with committed and high achieving managers and employees instead of losing valuable staff.
  • Would you be running a thriving business, or lamenting over one that no longer exists?

Now think about what you may not know now, that you’ll wish you did later. 


In order to accomplish the outcomes you want, it comes down to one thing...

Creating POWERFUL Relationships!

The relationship you have with YOURSELF and the relationships you have with OTHERS.

In life, learning never ends - you either get to learn the hard way or be proactive and learn the easier way. Whatever the nature of the relationships you’re in, approaching them armed with awareness and continual learning opens the way for strong and deep connections with those in your life.

We all  have a deep sense of love and belonging on a biological, cognitive, physical, and spiritual level - we are wired to love, to be loved, and to belong. However, there are major differences in how we experience love and belonging and how we show up with each other. Through understanding those differences, you can prevent them from doing harm and learn how to accept and successfully integrate them into meaningful and purposeful relationships.

In this workshop, you’ll discover the four different personality types and the innate motives that drive each throughout their lives, including your own! 

All it takes is one powerful insight to change a relationship, and this workshop is loaded with them. You just need to ask yourself if you’re willing to invest one Saturday and $497 to capture them all.

If the answer is YES, then join Lisa Ulshafer, Empowerment Life Coach and Certified Color Code Trainer, where you’ll discover exactly how to determine your own Personality Type. With this knowledge, you'll be given the insights to be able to:

  • Change the sabotaging dynamics that have been limiting the amount of joy, fulfillment, and connection you experience in your relationships.
  • Regain your power and build trust by knowing how to effectively communicate with all the personality types, both personally and professionally.
  • Remove the walls that have kept you from expressing yourself with ease or to help bring down the walls in others.
  • Utilize relationships for your own personal growth & transformation.
  • Better understand what drives you and others so you can get back to loving and respecting the ones you care about most, including you!

Register today for this dynamic one-day live event that can be a real game changer in your life!

Here’s what to do next:

Make a decision today, why wait? You already know how that turns out; you forget, life gets in the way - again - and YOU and those you care about get put on the back burner one more time.

Once you’re registered, you’ll receive a link to take your very own Color Code Personality Assessment. Once you arrive, you’ll receive a personalized workbook with your complete results printed inside along with all sorts of valuable goodies.

During the event, we’re going to deep dive into your results so you can leave with a thorough understanding of what your Color Code results mean for you while understanding the personality types of others. This will give you just what you need so you can start creating powerful relationships in your life!

Here are the event details:
DATE: Sat, March 4, 2023
REGISTRATION: 9:45am – 10:00am
EVENT TIME: 10:00am – 5:00pm
LOCATION: Q Wellness & Family Chiropractic 
ADDRESS: 5980 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89013 (click link)

Your investment for this program is

Only. $647 $497.

(includes early bird savings of $150)
Your own Color Code Personality Assessment, workbook, and lunch included (a $75 value).

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for future workshops!

Here's what others say about the RESULTS they achieved working with Lisa:

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your counsel, direction, and mentorship in Suresh and mine's relationship. We are now happily married and continuously put into practice all the great lessons you taught us. Thank you for all the work you did with us!"

~ Ariana Mancilla Rodil

Lisa's presentation of the Color Code made it easy to gain the understanding of how to identify and interact with each of the personality types. I also realized that I have been stuck in a rut by not focusing on my core needs and wants. I now know what I need to do in order to achieve happiness within myself.

~ Meg Edmonson

"Lisa helped me with living an authentic and transparent life. Being true to myself and to others has been one of the most liberating feelings of all. She taught me that the only way to achieve true happiness and inner peace is to be comfortable in my own skin and to express myself the way that I am. I no longer feel like I have to pretend to be someone that I am not."

~ Dr. Julie Quan

"By attending Lisa’s workshop, I gained a lot more compassion for the other personality types. This makes it easier in allowing others to be who they are and make them feel free to be honest and open with me. It also gave me the motivation to work on my limitations to get back on track to moving forward with my life."

~ David Armstrong

“Since working with Lisa, I have honestly opened to a new world. I can’t even describe it accurately but since meeting Lisa I have grown immensely in business as well as have found new relationships with others that are more in line with my personal desires and goals.”

~ McKenzi Taylor

And the list goes on and on. Lisa has spent over 17 years coaching and teaching people just like you. The only question you need to ask yourself is "Do I want to take action NOW to create the relationships I want in my life? And if not now, when?"

If the answer is NOW, she would love to help you get the kind of results you would like to achieve and help you get started in her upcoming event The 3 Pillars for Creating Powerful Relationships!

This could be the BEST time you have EVER spent working on your relationships and YOU!

We’re excited for you to join us and we look forward to seeing you there!

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